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7th NILS Mooting School, 2021

The Network for International Law Students (NILS) Bangladesh, in continuation of its tradition, will launch the 7th NILS MOOTING SCHOOL,2021. This is the finest and one-month-long certificate course on Mooting through a virtual platform.
About the Event:
NILS mooting school provides an institutional format of mooting, which aims to add a new dimension to the curriculum of moot court lawyering. The mooting school intends to create a pro-people lawyering tendency by solving divergent socio-legal problems through mooting. Hence, if you’re passionate about mooting and want to gain an early opportunity to encounter a lawyer’s life, you are on the right platform.
📣Registration Link for 7th NILS Mooting School – https://forms.gle/JdN8iP7Ts79fMi5F8
♦Registration fee –
For non- NILSBD’s members: 700 taka
For NILSBD’s members: 500 taka
(200 taka Special waiver for members of NILSBD)
If you want to grab this waiver or want to get future special waiver, register now as a member of NILS Bangladesh. Here is the registration link – https://forms.gle/R2pJBtDu1wc132Fe8
🔰Who can apply?
Young and fascinated law students/ professionals from all over Bangladesh can apply for this certificate course.
🔰 Purpose of the course:
♻️ Providing adequate Knowledge about mooting and hypothetical case solving.
♻️ Enhancing the skills of a law student on argumentation, research & writing skills, and presentation skills in a decent manner;
♻️ Developing self-esteem, fluency & clarity and practice of court procedures & etiquettes;
♻️ Expanding analytical skillset through a hypothetical case study;
♻️ Overcoming the fear of public speaking;
♻️Networking between law students of different universities.
🔰 Features of the Mooting Course:
♻️Medium of the course will be both in English & Bengali.
♻️ The mooting course will be conducted for One (1) month. The classes will take place three (3) days a week.
♻️There will be more than 12 sessions.
♻️ The duration of each session will be one & a half hours.
♻️The participants will get a chance to work as a team.
♻️ Sessions will be conducted through Zoom meetings (online platform).
♻️ Interactive mooting sessions will be conducted by national & international resource persons and prominent mooters from home and abroad;
♻️ There will be a question-answer segment in every session where students can make all kinds of quarries regarding the session topics;
♻️ Each session contains engagement activities.
♻️ Different skills development activities will be arranged in each weak, e.g., public speaking, group tasks, memorials making, legal writing on contemporary legal issues, case reviewing.
♻️ Chances to meet the “Mooting Stars of the Country.” In this session, different moot court champions from national and international moot court competitions will share their experiences.
🔰Awards of the Mooting school:
♻️Star of the Week Award
♻️Reviewer of Excellency Award
♻️Ain-e-Bangla-olongkar Award
♻️Advocate of the Day Award
♻️The Brainiac Award & many more.
♻️Certificate of participation will be provided to each participant after completing the course by fulfilling 80% of attendance criteria.
📞Contact for queries:
Rahatul Karim
Vice President (Marketing)
+880 1985-170870
📧For more queries and suggestions, please write to nilsmootingschool@gmail.com.
Warm regards,
Lutfunnahar Shancyi,
NILS Bangladesh

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