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NILS Bangladesh Chapter is going to introduce the “BEST CHAPTER AWARD” to encourage and acknowledge the activities of our different university chapters of Bangladesh. This award has been initiated to appreciate our NILS Bangladesh University Chapters for their enthusiasm, program standard, professionalism, and active involvement in NILS Bangladesh’s programs for many years.
★About the Award
♦️Award Name –
NILS Bangladesh presents ‘BEST CHAPTER AWARD’
Applicability: Any authorized existing & upcoming Chapters of NILS Bangladesh
♦️Selection Criteria –
1. Chapter activeness throughout the year in different events of NILS Bangladesh.
2. Highest number of member collections during Membership Recruitment.
3. Arranging the highest number of events.
4. Intellectual contribution in NILS Blog through articles & research papers.
5. Dedication and support towards NILS Bangladesh by promoting different events of NILS Bangladesh.
6. Outstanding participation in events, courses, workshops, competitions of NILS Bangladesh.
7. The most discipline chapter in terms of maintaining different formalities.
8. The chapter has complied with the core values of NILS Bangladesh throughout the year.
♦️Duration – The award will be given by observing the activities of the chapters from July 2021- July 2022.
[Disclaimer: This decision has been taken by NILS Bangladesh’s National Board and any further modifications or changes can be made by the national board at any time]
Best Regards
Luthfunnahar Shancyi
NILS Bangladesh Chapter

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