Membership Benefits:

  • Build Contacts With Leading Lawyers And Young Leaders:
    When you join us and become an active member, you build you contacts with law students with different continents. This gives you an insight into different kinds of legal jurisdictions and builds your international legal network which will certainly come in handy in future when you are a legal professional. You also make first-hand connections with eminent lawyers and professors, with whom NILS will partner with for its various activities. Needless to say, these connections will take you to many places if used in the right manner.
  • Put Legal Theory/Knowledge Into Practice:
    A legal professional can excel only when he gets the right exposure and real-life experience in putting the theory learnt at law school into practice. NILS activities are tailored in a fashion to help its members learn the tricks of the profession which are generally not taught in law school. We partner with legal professionals who train the members to make the best of their legal knowledge. We have also arranged special workshops for our members to enhance their research skills by learning to use different research tools.
  • Enhance Your Leadership And Communication Skills:
    When you join NILS, you are part of a team which has to undertake a lot of new initiatives and as well as work on projects which are already in place. With every new of edition of all the activities we undertake, we seek to make it better and better. This needs the right leadership and management skills. NILS members learn to work in a team, they learn decision-making and management skills. Most importantly, they develop communication skills, not only with their own members but also such other non-members who participate in our events – and make sure to implement their suggestions in the next event. Such skills are immensely important in your legal profession especially when dealing with clients.
  • Travel The World With Our International Programmes:
    The Traineeship & International Exchange is a flagship programme of NILS and we have set of dedicated members working on it. Through this programme, we organise exchange programmes, study visits and such other programmes which lets our members go into a foreign country and work in an organisation there or experience the culture there or both. We have worked with leading law firms, law organisations, universities and research centers who have been kind enough to offer our members opportunities to work with them and experience working in a foreign jurisdiction.
  • Gain Access To Several Certified Nils Courses For Free:
    NILS provides its members with several online courses free of cost. The courses are conducted on different areas of law and by various legal experts. The participants are given a certificate after giving a small online test. The courses are available to non-members for a fee.
  • Get Discounts On All NILS Events:
    A NILS Member gets access to all NILS events, organised by the International Board or any NILS Chapter for a discounted fee, starting from 10% up to 40%. There are certain events a NILS member can have access free of cost, which are available
  • Get Special Rates At All Partner Event/Activities:
    NILS has several partner organisation around the world who provide access to our members to several events, courses, summer school programmes etc at discounted rate.
  • Get Letter Of Recommendation On Being An Active Member:
    An active member of NILS gets a letter of recommendation from NILS International which can be used as a reference letter for LLM application, internship application etc.
  • They can also publish their writings in NILS Blog and NILS Law Review.
  • NILS Members have the opportunity to be a part of NILS National Board upon satisfactory work.
  • Last but not the least, members have the job opportunities through traineeship in renowned international organizations (By Partners and Sponsors) on the basis of their merit and expertness.