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NILS Bangladesh Research Blog (NBRB) Submission Guidelines


Welcome to the NILS Bangladesh Research Blog (NBRB), a dynamic platform by NILS Bangladesh dedicated to fostering global legal discourse. We invite contributions from diverse voices around the world, including judges, lawyers, legal academicians, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate research students, early-career researchers, policymakers, and members of civil society organisations.

About NBRB
The NBRB serves as a vital research hub within NILS Bangladesh, focusing on rigorous legal analysis of contemporary issues spanning case law, legislation, policy-making, and activism. We aim to provide a platform where global contributors can share insightful perspectives on legal developments.

Guidelines for Contributions

Word Count
Posts should range between 800-850 words. Longer submissions will not be considered.

Include hyperlinks to pertinent legal sources and background information, ensuring the links are to reputable legal or news sources. Avoid using footnotes or a reference list below the article.

Crafting a title
Titles should be concise yet compelling, capturing the essence of the post. For example, “Unpacking the Jurisprudential Impact of the XYZ Case: A Comparative Analysis” effectively communicates the focus and approach of the article.

The introductory paragraph should engage readers with a captivating overview of the post’s core argument. Avoid formulaic phrases like “this article considers or articulates or “this post will argue or examine.” Instead, provide a succinct snapshot that intrigues readers to delve deeper into your analysis.

Writing Style
Maintain clarity and conciseness, avoiding unnecessary jargon, to ensure accessibility for readers without a legal background. Minimise the use of non-English phrases unless essential for clarity.


A well-crafted conclusion is essential to effectively summarize key insights and leave readers with a lasting impression

Thoroughly proofread your submission to adhere to legal academic standards and plain English principles. Writings with significant grammatical or stylistic errors will not be reviewed.

Legal Analysis
Focus on providing insightful legal analysis rather than offering personal opinions. Analyse recent legal developments comprehensively, highlighting nuanced aspects rather than merely describing events. In your article, aim to compare how different jurisdictions have approached similar legal issues, highlighting contrasting legal interpretations and their implications. This approach will provide readers with valuable insights into how various legal systems address similar challenges, showcasing differences in legal interpretation and their practical effects.

Write on topics within your expertise or areas of significant research interest. When discussing specific jurisdictions, it’s crucial to provide a comparative analysis of Bangladesh’s legal system to ensure context and relevance. This approach also requires sufficient background information to engage a global readership.

Here the title of the article could be – Uncovering Legal Contrasts: Rape Laws in Bangladesh vs. the United Kingdom.

Submissions must be original and unpublished. Submit your article in Word document format, avoiding PDFs or external links.

Submission Process
If you’re interested in contributing, please email your draft blog to nilsbdeditorial@gmail.com  along with an 80-word biography detailing your name, profession, academic affiliation, and relevant credentials. Once submitted, our editors will review your draft. Please allow up to one week for a response before inquiring about the status of your submission.

Contributor’s Consent
By submitting a post, you affirm that it is your original, unpublished work. You grant NBRB permission to use your post with full attribution for non-commercial purposes in both online and offline publications.

Acceptance and rejection
Acceptance: Upon acceptance, you will receive confirmation via email. Please note that there may be a delay before publication, particularly for posts covering recent or urgent legal issues.

Rejection: If your submission is not accepted, you will be notified via email. Please refrain from resubmitting rejected drafts, as our editors do not re-review previously declined posts.

Editorial Discretion
The editors reserve the right to waive or modify any submission guidelines at their discretion.

We eagerly anticipate your contributions to enrich the legal discourse on the NBRB. Thank you for supporting our mission to promote informed legal analysis globally.

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