A Comparative Approach to the Administration of Dowry Prevention: From India and Bangladesh Perspective

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1,360 ViewsRabindranath Tagore portrayed the condition of dowry in 18th century in Bangla literature in his works such as Aparichita, Dena-Pawna. After more than 100 years despite all the laws introduced to restraint dowry, we are still struggling to eradicate this problem from our culture. Dowry began as a financial assistance for the girl in […]

A Comparative Study on the Condition of Marital Rights of Women of the Hindu Community in Bangladesh and India: In Hindu Law Perspective

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2,471 ViewsIntroduction Though most of the laws enacted by a State apply to all of its subjects irrespective of race, religion or culture; when it comes to one’s marriage, divorce, inheritance or any other similar private or family matter, the State insists that one should apply the personal laws that come from one’s respective religion. […]

Liability of Courier Companies in E-Commerce: Consumer Right Perspective

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1,479 ViewsOne of the statuses from the official page of Criminal Investigation Department of Bangladesh Police on social media have recently been circulated, where the organization stated that they have completed a successful operation to arrest a group of online shopping fraud who was running a full-scale online fraud business. In short, the model of […]

Responsibility to protect (R2P or RtoP): Is it a disguised Blessing or Oppression to the humanity?

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1,697 ViewsThis world is now repeatedly facing some grave emergency about Humanitarian crisis. Lots of serious issue about war and inter conflict break out continuously. Like the crisis in the Middle East and some part of Asia, the humanity itself endangered by powerful oppressor. The international community in the last decade repeatedly made a mess […]